Kevin has been on screen as an actor, voice actor and as himself. He had his first job as an actor at the age of 6.


Youth series about dance and music. I played the character Adam (supporting actor)



Most viewed christmas series of all time in Norway. Later sold to different countries and became a musical played in Norway and Denmark. I played the character Pil (main character)



Documentary series following 7 youths with different passion. Character: 1/7 youths





Kevin has dubbed an uncountable number of series and movies. Here you can see a shortcut of his work

  • Netflix
  • 2 movies Malibu Rescue, and Malibu Rescue – the next wave, and the series Malibu Rescue – the series
  • Live action
  • Character: Eric (main character)


  • Netflix
  • Animation
  • 2 seasons of Spy Kids: Mission Critical
  • Character: Juni Cortez (main character) 


  • Netflix
  • Animation
  • 4 seasons of the spy series Carmen Sandiego, and in Netflix´s interactive animated film Carmen Sandiego, to steal or not to steal
  • Character: Player (main character)



  • Warner Bros
  • Live action
  • Warner Bros movie with the one and only Robert Downey jr. in the lead
  • Character: “Stubbins” (main character)



  • DreamWorks, Netflix
  • Animation
  • series 1 series of Dragons: Rescue Riders, and the 3 films   
    • Dragons: Rescue Riders – Secrets Of The Songwing, Dragons: 
    • Rescue Riders – Hunt For The Golden Dragon, and Dragons 
    • Rescue Riders, Huttsgalor Holiday,   
  • Character: Cuttar (main character)



  • Netflix
  • Live action
  • Children comedy series
  • Character: Murray (main character)



  • Warner Bros
  • Live aciton
  • Peter Pan movie (2015) played on theatres all over the world, including Norway with the norwegian voices
  • Character: Nick (supporting actor)



  • NRK Super & Netflix 
  • Animation
  • Season 1 with 52 episodes of Daniel Tiger´s Neighborhood. 
  • Character: Daniel Tiger (main character



  • Warner Bros
  • Animation
  • Spy movie/comedy
  • Character: Jhonny Quest (main character) 



  • Family movie 
  • Character: Findus (main character)